DigiPlayer v1.0 - play all kind of MPEG I / II on Microsoft Windows
MPEG movie player for Windows

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What is digiPlayer:
this software is a frontend featuring our MPEG decoder module. It is capable to play all kind of MPEG I / II streams without any other software component, especially without any codec, media player modules, etc.

What is digiPlayer not:
The player shall demonstrate and test the decoding of MPEG streams. It has only a basic set of functions, and is not optimized for a high level user interface. For advanced features, such as playlists and rich dialoges please check out more interface oriented player software.

digiPlayer does not play my DIVX / MPEG4 / AVI / MOV movie!
Supported formats are only within MPEG I / II standard, more precisely ISO / IEC 11172 and 13818. If you are sure your file is valid MPEG data, please contact us! We are always interested in odd or uncommon data files.

You should definitivly add the feature xyz into digiPlayer!
At first - please consider the main goal of this software. Please feel free to tell us your whishes / comments / hints - we will care about and answer each reply.

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Give us your feedback:

"digiPlayer is a great tool - it plays all my mpeg stuff and needs no installation."

Andrew, UK

System requirements:

DigiPlayer is programmed lean and clean. There are no special hard- or software requirements.

For useful playback we recomment a suitable PC, according to the stream format.

  • any Windows OS from Win98
  • any GFX hardware
  • any Soundcard
  • any CPU, useful > 600 MHz
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