DigiPlayer v1.0 - play all kind of MPEG I / II on Microsoft Windows
MPEG movie player for Windows

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screenshot Features:
  • playback of any MPEG I / II file without codec
  • automatic output to DirectX overlay, RGB buffer or GDI
  • supports MMX, SSE, SSE2 if present

Formats / file extensions:
  • Video only: MPG, MPV
  • DVD / HDDVD files: VOB, EVO (only decrypted)
  • (S)VCD files: AVSEQ
  • DVB recordings: PVA, TS, DVB
  • Hardware recorder: VDR, VRO
  • Mediacenter: DVR-MS (only MPEG)
  • Windows files: ASF (only MPEG)
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Give us your feedback:

"Nice add-on to the default Windows media player utility. Plays much more stuff and all without any codec."

Axel, California

System requirements:

DigiPlayer is programmed lean and clean. There are no special hard- or software requirements.

For useful playback we recomment a suitable PC, according to the stream format.

  • any Windows OS from Win98
  • any GFX hardware
  • any Soundcard
  • any CPU, useful > 600 MHz
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